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Learn More About Our Sustainable Fashion Initiative!


As fashion consumers; we generally dont think about the carbon footprint we leave behind or contribute to. See how RHED CLEIGH is working to shrink and ultimately eliminate our carbon footprint! 

Bespoke Design


What can we create for you? 

Together, we can come up with a custom garment completely unique to your style. Let us know what we can create for you! 

Clients L❤️ ve Us !!


At RHED CLEIGH, we strive for memorable experiences. Our aim is to provide exceptional service and value to each and every one of our clients. Here are a few experiences our clients have shared. Enjoy!

  • “I had a great experience! The team at Rhed Cleigh was so professional and patient with me. I‘m so in love with my custom dress”!   Tasha B.; HOUSTON, TX

  • “Professional and Courteous! My dress came back just in time for my event. Thank you Rhed Cleigh”!                        -Monique S.;HOUSTON, TX

  • “TJ and his team are the ABSOLUTE BEST!! I will be back for more custom garments”!                                                    - Rhonaq M.; HOUSTON, TX



If you’re new to the custom design, naturally, you will have questions! Here a few frequently asked questions about our process here at RHED CLEIGH. 

Q: Do I need to leave a deposit?

A: Yes. We collect the deposit to secure materials such as the fabric we will use for your garment. Once fabric is cut, it can not be returned! 

Q: Is there a deposit on top of my total cost? 

A: No. Your deposit is a part of your total cost!

Q: What is the turn around time for my garment?

A: Typically, turn around is 2-4 weeks, depending upon the final decision of garment we are creating. This time will include all fitting sessions as well.